Steven K. Tucker (b.1995) is an Artist based in Ontario, Canada. His endeavours explore chaos, organisation, and intuition through sculptural assemblages that unite disparate techniques, including rug tufting, woodwork, painting, and direct sculpture. In 2021 he completed an Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design specializing in textiles from Sheridan College.



Growing up, change was a defining characteristic of Tucker’s life. The ever-shifting nature of his home, family dynamics, schooling and friendships laid the foundation for the questions concerning permanence, growth and newness that remain integral to his practice today.



A process-oriented maker, Tucker’s growing visual language draws upon modularity, connection and rupture to create objects seemingly engaged in active metamorphoses. His work reveals a deep concern with the finality-focussed tendencies of interpretation and a desire to explore new avenues of experience through the ambiguous subversions of materials and their given contexts.